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Refuge depicts the late 1800s historical barn once owned by Dolph Robinson and Hughie Ray located on Hamburg Road in the Beech Glenn Township of Madison Co. North Carolina.

The farm was a relatively high elevation farmstead in a narrow valley with less tillable land compared to farms with this type of barn owned by a more affluent family. Surviving family members recall very little about this barn, the original barn depicted in the painting being a 30’ X 36’ livestock barn in the typical tradition of the late 19th century.
Three additions were later added to the ends for burley tobacco, over the period of its life.
It has typical log cribs, but log notching is variable, with some V-notches and rough saddle notches. There are large hewn beams throughout. The use of board and batten siding was uncommon in this area and era. The foundation is composed of wood sills on rock piers.
The original barn was later altered and two large additions with vertical and horizontal tier poles were added to adapt it for hanging burley tobacco. Historically the barn originally housed livestock. The painting depicts the refuge from cold winter snows and wind the old barn must have most certainly provided over it’s many years.

The barn’s construction consists of chestnut post and beam, sawn lumber, hewn timbers, and notched logs.
Information on the Dolph Robinson barn’s history was gathered from The Appalachian Barn Alliance Documentation Project on The Barns of Madison County.

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