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Lelia Gina Canter, an artist of Scots-Irish and Cherokee descent; is a native of Eastern Kentucky and an Honorary Kentucky Colonel. Her artwork offers a unique selection of original paintings, limited edition prints, greeting cards, T-shirts, wearable art, and home décor items that reflect the history and culture of the Appalachian region as well as legends and lore of various cultures. She studied art at Eastern Kentucky University, Morehead State University, & UNC-Asheville.
Her ongoing work includes several series of paintings that illustrate Cherokee, Celtic, Appalachian, and various mythological & cultural legends.

She is particularly drawn to nature and animal subjects along with the interplay of light, shadow, and color in her compositions. Her commitment to capturing the legends and lore of the Appalachians as true reflections of the land and its inhabitants was cultivated at an early age in her artistic family and she continues to strive to preserve and honor the history and culture of her ancestors as well as Appalachian heritage of the past.

Body Work

Lelia Canter, LMBT-NC #8615, EEBW, EEMFR, JENT I (2010), AISRB, received her Equine Bodyworker certification through Equinology® Inc. as well as Equinology® Equine Myofascial Release Certification EEMFR
Lelia was NCBTMB certified in 2008 and later received Craniosacral Therapy I and II training through the Upledger Institute. She is also a qualified JENT I practitioner and has studied with Dianne Jenkins (founder of Jenkins Equine Neurophysiologic Therapy-Australia).
Lelia is a registered Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and an Usui Reiki Master Teacher. She is a Certified Qi Gong Instructor (Level I Facilitator (Qi Gong Healing Form).
She currently operates her practice (Lelia Canter Bodyworks For Horse & Rider), incorporating Red Light Therapy, JENT, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, and Reiki in her sessions with horses and riders. She is an Associate Member of the International Society of Rider Biomechanics
Her services are available in the following locations:
Asheville/Tryon NC. and surrounding areas.