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24x36, acrylic, © 8/02.

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Winter represents the first in a series exploring various cultural aspects and symbolism of the four seasons.
The Christmas tree is a symbol of rebirth and light dating back to the Roman festival Saturnalia in which evergreens were decorated to celebrate the death of the old year and the birth of the new. Northern European Yuletide rites involved the decorating of fir trees with lights and offerings. The Yule log was a centerpiece of twelve day Celtic and Teutonic festivities in which the burning of a sacred oak branch symbolized the return of the suns warmth and light at the December solstice.
Holly is a symbol of hope and joy. It was carried at the mid-winter festival Saturnalia.
Its use at Christmas is linked with Teutonic customs of decorating houses in December. The “Guardian of Winter” is shown wearing a crown which is a symbol of temporal or spiritual authority. Crowns originated as wreaths reflecting the celestial symbolism of the circle, perfection, and the ring of continuity.

Limited Edition Prints Available.