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24x24, acrylic, © 1/04.

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Autumn represents various cultural aspects of the harvest season. The Horn of Plenty or Cornucopia is a feminine symbol of maternal nourishment and love. It is a symbol of abundance, prosperity, and divine generosity. In many regions of the world, corn and other grains are emblems of rebirth, fertility, and growth. Grapes are symbols of spiritual life and regeneration in both pagan and Christian worlds. The most emblematic fruit next to the grape is the apple, which represents bliss, love, marriage, youth, fertility, and longevity. The pear is a mother or love symbol, and a longevity symbol in Chinese culture. The moon and its changing phases represent earthly cycles of birth, growth, decline, death, and rebirth. The signs of the zodiac represented are those that correspond to the harvest season (upper left, clockwise) beginning with Virgo (August-September), Libra (September-October), Scorpio (October-November), and Sagittarius (November-December). Pumpkins, squash, and gourds have long been symbols of harvest. Pumpkins were carved for Halloween or All Hallows Eve to ward away spirits. All Hallows Eve marks the end of Autumn and the beginning of winter; the eve when the veil between this world and the next is the thinnest and spirits roam free.