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"Spring",24x24, acrylic, copyright 2020, Lelia Canter

“Spring” represents the landscape surrounding Maney Fields in Madison County, NC. where the corners of Madison, Buncombe, and Yancey converge — owned and treasured by one family for over 100 years. A representation of some of the trees, plants, animals, birds, moths, and butterflies that can be encountered from late winter through early summer along the trails leading from the Hamburg area along Big Deadening Creek to Maney fields are depicted.
The large Red Maple is the central figure surrounded by Dogwood, Redbud, and Flame Azalea. The spring at its base is one of several springs that flow from Maney Fields. Three headwater tributaries of Terry’s Fork, which flows into Paint Fork and then into Little Ivy Creek, originate from Maney Fields. A high elevation wetland area on the property is located just below the 4,245 ft. summit. The 360-degree view from the summit includes Barnardsville, Frosty Knob, Reems Creek, Sugar Creek, Rocky Face, Big Butte, Sandy Mush Bald, Roan Mountain, Craggy Dome, and Craggy Peak.
Plants represented in the foreground include (from left to right); daffodil, vervain, periwinkle, fiddle head and maiden hair fern, wake robin, pitcher plant, foam flower, obedient plant (false dragon head), anemone, trillium, the rare white bleeding heart aka (squirrel corn, wild turkey pea, ghost corn, lyre flower), dandelion, and catsear.
Butterflies and moths represented (from left to right) include; tiger swallowtails, clymene moth, blue and white spring moths, monarch butterfly, banded tiger moth, and the Io moth.
Birds represented (from left to right) include; cardinals, chickadee, goldfinch, pileated woodpecker, nuthatch, robin, Carolina wren, wood thrush, bluebird, phoebe, and the scarlet tanager.
Animals represented include; rabbits, wild turkeys, black angus, bear cubs, fawn, and paint pony.
Maney Fields is a privately owned 44 acre conservation easement protected by the Southern Appalachian Highland Conservancy.
Original: $1500.00
Limited Edition prints are also available, contact the artist for size and pricing.