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36x48, acrylic, © 4/97.

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“Reflections” represents the heritage of Appalachian music. The fiddle, banjo, and guitar are shown in the foreground to represent a few of the instruments that were first brought to the mountains during early settlement. The fiddle being one of the most common early instruments in the area. The mountain view shown within the instruments and the quilt squares that include native plants are interwoven to surround the scene. They symbolize the handicrafts and traditional folk music of the Appalachians as true reflections of the land and the people that settled there. Their music and handicrafts were and are today a way of living-a way of art. *Special thanks to Jerry Adams –his guitar and banjo (1894 Cole Eclipse) were models for the painting. Also, special thanks to Josh Goforth and his early c. 1800s fiddle.